Hyde Bar

Meet, chatter, catch up on work or simply relax in this cosy and comfortable hideaway. Hyde Bar provides an informal yet intimate venue throughout the day and evening. For a swift breakfast you’ll find freshly baked morning pastries, muffins and muesli and the alluring aroma of freshly ground coffee. We offer an enticing menu of popular light lunches and healthy plates and in the afternoon an assortment of tasty sweets and savoury snacks. The comprehensive list of wines and spirits, cocktails and beers should satisfy all tastes.

The Hyde Bar changes through the day. A relaxed affair with a penchant for effortless style, it’s both a buzzing café in the morning – and the place to be seen when the sun sets in the evening…

Key features

Fragrant pastries, flavoursome coffees and tasty bites
An extensive range of Champagne wines and cocktails

Special services

We are pleased to offer birthday and anniversary arrangements, and we can accommodate almost any dietary requests.


The bar is fully accessible to those with impaired mobility thanks to direct access from street level. We are also fully accessible to guests with other disabilities.

To book contact us via phone or email

Opening / Closing time:
Monday - Sunday
08:00 - 02:00
Group sizes:

Groups of up to 8 people are welcome, but we advise to book in advance. We regret to inform that there are no private/sectioned areas within any of our restaurants.

To book contact us via phone or email

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